It's just hot.

If you haven't checked out the new church website, you simply must.

Also, today's Perambulator post is really entertaining.


A Small Relic

A few years ago, my dad's cousin, Sheila, gave me a lovely silver bracelet for Christmas. I recently recovered it (it'd disappeared during moves and international travel) and have been taken by its charm. On a blue piece of paper, the following story was carefully typed out on a typewriter:

This Victorian pure silver bracelet was Blanche Whitaker's favorite piece. On one end of it, you'll find odd little letters scratched into the silver (with a needle or a knife tip). Could be "W X B"

This bracelet was probably a gift to Blanche from Walter. Mother and Nana never saw Blanche without this bracelet.
I have no heirs...so I think this piece goes to Luz (being a pianist and Blanche's blood kin). Blanche was an amazing lady...raised all those kids (after Walter died)...she was a music teacher...and performed very popular concerts/recitals. Her specialty was Chopin.

Blanche had a mascot...who was on the stage, asleep under the piano...at every concert! This was her big black & white cat. He was a huge hit with the audience. Her playing was gorgeous

This bracelet carries Blanche's energy. ALL old jewelry carries the residual energies of the first owners. This piece has really nice vibes...and it was her trademark (along with her stage cat).


Cats, music, and eccentricity–must run in the family! It is such an honor to share such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I've decided to make it my own trademark as well. My hands tend to be fidgety, so I am often twisting, jingling, taking it on and off, and so on. When visiting Todd and Erin last night, we discovered its anthropomorphic qualities and took the following photos.

Blanche the Camel
"Blanche the Camel"

Blanche the Slug
"Blanche the Slug"

Blanch the Slug II
Detail of the clasp eyes

Blanche's bracelet
I personally think the letters spell out Mexico, W X B sounds more romantic





Redford is the office cat of Visage Creative. He's my afternoon buddy, often sprawling across whatever projects I'm working on, insisting that he be first priority. Red's personality often reminds me of T.S. Elliot's poem, Rum Tum Tugger, particularly the line:
For he will do
As he do do
And there's no doing anything about it!


Thank you, Jesus, for another day of 90-degree weather. The potential of rain lets me know You are good.


You know you got 'em...

Does anyone have Bible action figures that could stand as Jonah and the king of Nineveh? If so, shoot me an e-mail ASAP!


Circumstantial Gratitude

Today, I don't despise living in Arizona. The rest of the world laughs as we turn air conditioners off and open the windows...because it's "cool" outside.


Bad Design! Bad!

I am officially casting my lot of distaste for the 2012 Olympics logo.

Sign the petition, if you feel like it. I know it won't be rebranded by any means, but at least the voice of the masses will be heard. After all, the logo was designed to be "...An invitation to take part and be involved."

Dancing the night away

Barn dancing. Huémoz, Switzerland, October 2005.

Bekah and I committed to dancing at least once a week this summer. Tomorrow night begins the beginning of this venture. Dancing has always been a love of mine. Few activities give me greater pleasure than a waltz in a twirly skirt with a strong partner or impromptu dance parties in the kitchen. Frequently, I find myself with a grumpy attitude, wishing my community loved to dance as much as I do; therefore, I am secretly on a quest to expand my communal boundaries to enthusiastic twinkletoes.


Crazy Brother

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Paz has been my model these past few days for a photo and film shoot for our next sermon series. There's no one else I'd rather get kicked out of a mall with than my amazingly photogenic brother.

More photos of Paz and other worldly excursions can be found on my Flickr site.