My Short-Lived Career as a Hair Stylist

So, my brother needs a haircut. On a whim, I offer, and he very trustingly accepts. VERY trustingly. I cut his hair once when I was 15. It was a very unfortunate experience. Paz even admitted to repressing this memory.

So here he is before the haircut. Too long and shaggy.
Giving Paz a Haircut:  Before

An in-between phase is missing photographically, reminiscent of Demitri Martin: "I went to go get a haircut. The stylist must've misheard me say, 'Just a trim' and instead heard, 'Gay Beatle, please.'" Didn't occur to me that the hair cutting I've observed has been done on ME. Pretty quickly realized that I had given him a haircut that I had previously had. (Sorry, brother.)

And after.
Giving Paz a Haircut: After

...aaaaaand it seems that my giftings do not involve hair styling. Not a horrible haircut (in fact, I'm rather proud of the the back of his head), but not quite an amazing one either. Going to ask for help tomorrow on how to fix the whoopsies. At least he doesn't look like a girl any more. And I'm pretty sure that's why he's smiling. Maybe because I didn't get blood in his hair after cutting myself 5 times. (He's got a great capacity to take life in terms of degrees.)

Update: Paz's hair was fixed by a dear friend who also gave me a quick hair cutting lesson as well. Here's Paz's revised haircut in an artsy-pfartsy manner.


What I'm Loving Right Now


  1. The harvest moons.
  2. Joe Pug's Nation of Heat album, particularly Hymn #101 and Hymn #35.
  3. Driving in the cool of the morning with the sun roof open.
  4. The last of the summer blossoms.
  5. My mermaid shoes.
  6. The typface Clarendon.
  7. The Reason For God by Tim Keller
  8. William Fitzsimmons' Goodnight album
  9. Zoƫ Keating.
  10. The anticipation of colder weather.
What are you loving these days?


A View With A Room

Arizona landscape

This weekend, I'll be taking my mom up north for weekend getaway/birthday celebration. We've got quite the festivities planned. We'll be touring the Grand Canyon by train on the Sunset Limited, one of the most romantically described train rides I have ever read! We'll be staying at the FireLight Bed and Breakfast, which has gotten rave reviews. I saw it and knew I'd regret not booking the room for this special birthday. Reminds me of my stay in England. It's all going to be lovely.

I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with Mom. This'll be our first trip just the two of us. It's already unraveling as a very memorable trip. Can't wait to take pictures of everything. And oh! It's going to be deliciously cold! (And by cold, I mean 70 degrees...) I've already pulled out the sweaters I intend to wear whilst traipsing about the Grand Canyon. Also scouted out some audio books to listen to on the way up, including A Room With A View and Lynne Truss' Eats, Shoots, & Leaves, in addition to pouring through my This American Life podcasts (I mean, what's not a good road trip without a short David Sedaris narrative and Ira Glass monologue?).

It's been a few since my last trip to the Grand Canyon. For some silly reason, I keep thinking that it's going to look completely different than it did last time. I feel my capacity for beauty has been stretched since then. Perhaps it will be more majestic. Maybe it won't be so foreign. Both my mom and I have a very deep love for train travel, as we've done quite a bit, especially when I was younger. I find it's the easiest place to muse. There's a reason while there's a whole genre of "train songs". Must remember to bring some knitting and a sketch book to record the characters and memories encountered.


Phoenix Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby Cars By Greg Westfall

Saturday, October 25th 2008 @ 6pm

I'm all registered and have been sketching out designs for the last few weeks.
Anyone else want to join me?


a note to Bethany

a note to Bethany

these were pointed out to me on a Goodwill trip by my dear friend, Bethany. she is one of my oldest and dearest friends. in addition to being known for her fashionable taste in shoes, she is one of the women i aspire to be like. passionate and intelligent. wholly pursues Truth and beauty. humble and wise. cares deeply about people and ideas. curious and wonder-filled. talking with Bethany always leaves me feeling more in love with world, and emboldened to change it.

this last month, i've had the privilege of sharing geographical proximity with her and her young family. and today they're moving to SoCal to begin the next chapter of life. so I wear these shoes today as a tribute to the gratitude i have for her and her special friendship.


Wishing for seasons

Autumn leaves

Today, I was pining for autumn.