Places to Go
Remember that travel guide I was shortlisted for? I got in! You can see my itty-bitty photo of Stumptown Coffee here.

People to Meet
My Moo Cards are here! The colors came significantly duller, but the weight and size make them fantastic. I'm so glad to finally have some business cards, especially ones that feature my photography.

Things to Try
Mom brought back a chorreador de café from Costa Rica. It makes a decent cup of coffee. It's not as robust a French Press (which, still remains as the best coffee maker), but it has a coolness factor to it.

New Things to See
I'm off to Maryland for the weekend for Project: Autumn Experience. Photos of new colors and a detailed description of what autumn smells likes to come soon.




Folding chairs in the lobby.

Could be worse...if they could fly, too.

Invasion of the killer monkeys.

[via: Ricky, who states, "It's like the pidgeons in DC...only monkeys."]


Musical Notice

With all the crazy busyness going on around here, it's important to find something to keep my creative spirits up. My remedy: the musical genius that is Beirut. I'm not a huge music video fan, but I've been really enjoying their low-fi performances.


The Mullet of Authority

A found mullet wig at the church transforms my film + lit major brother, Paz, into a faith healer.
Church discipline is pending.

"Can I get a GUH-LORY!?!"
"Can I get a GUH-LORY!?!"

Can you feel it?
"Can you fEEEEl it?"

The WUUUHRD of GOOHD says...
"The WUUUHRD of GOOHD says..."

Filled with something...
He's filled with something... Not sure what, but something.

Comfort in words

Whom have I in heaven but you?
And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.
My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

–this has been on my mind all morning as i prepare for a crazy week.



...I think not.
(Note: not for the faint-stomached.)

[via: Coudal]

"May I have another lump of coal, Mr. Scrooge?"

Me?  Cold?

I think the pastors are trying to help us gain solidarity with those suffering in Antarctica.


Budding Starlet

This morning, I discovered that my photo of my Field Notes got on Coudal's blog feed. They're one of my favorite firms and I'm just starstruck that I got noticed.

Also, I received an e-mail stating that my Stumptown Coffee photo has been shortlisted for a travel guide, Schmap.

Two dreams come true in one day!


For Eden

For Eden

E, I think of you and leg warmers often these days. (My office is particularly frigid!)


I got these in the mail yesterday and am terribly excited about them. Two pages have been filled already. You can get your own here.

Day 3: 23:45. Making great time!


Day 2: 34:46

Wow! What a difference a gel seat (thanks, Mike!) and air in your tires can make! 5:30am club is still really rough. My ability to walk and speak normally is impaired (as evidenced by several walls ran into and some kind of garbled groan response to roommate's cheerful "Good morning!"), but I hope this will be resolved over the next few weeks.


Day One: 42:17

Today, I began riding my bike to work. I've joined the 5am club (although I usually show up half an hour late), which means I'm going to join the 9pm club, too. The weather is really nice in the morning. Just cool enough to wear a light jacket, but not nippy. I'm trying to keep track of my time, which I think will. Tim Keller made for a great biking buddy. I think this is going to be harder than expected, but I did have a preemptive eulogy for unwanted curves this morning, so I've got to follow through.

Although, I must admit that running through the sprinklers this morning made it all better.


The Return Trip

Well, I made it. And am ready to do it again...after adding some bling. Apparently, my voluptuous toosh isn't as cushy as I thought and need to buy a new seat or make some adjustments to my current one. The guys
here rock...even though Kale, my salesman, suggested padded shorts.


Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day
Sky falls, you feel like
It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away

– "Beautiful Day" by U2



With a half-day of autumn on Sunday, I am faced with a fashion conundrum:

scarf or leggings?


Pretend Autumn

It's going to be 81 degrees tomorrow.

This is joyous news, indeed.

p.s. in a few weeks, i venture to the lovely state of maryland to experience my first
real autumn. even if it doesn't look like this, i'm ready to hunt down colors never seen before.


Zia's Splendid Adventure

We're prototyping some ideas for the men's conference. Today, my sweet, dinged-up, Canadian Honda, Zia, took a spin inside the church. Many compliments go to Wayne for his fine driving skills. (Click on the pictures or go here for the details.)

In the words of Jon Payne, "It's a once in a lifetime member privilege."



Spurgeon Study
A study for a potential t-shirt. The middle one is the current final product.