Stewing is a great talent of mine. Sometimes it results in enlightenment. Often times, it just brings about anxiety. My musings as of late have been of the former, fortunately. I have come to a few conclusions:

1. Blogspot is much more aesthetically conducive than Xanga. I think this will be a better setup to display more of my designs and photos--not to mention it allows non-members to post comments.

2. I am highly visual. Words seem to come more slowly these days. It is often arduous to find verbiage to communicate my thoughts and ideas. Images seem to be a more natural fit for me. Therefore, I'm moving more toward a photoblog than a blog-blog. The world doesn't need my verbal commentary. I initially felt guilty for not having words to blog with, but then it made so much more sense to do what I'm good at: see the world in shapes and colors.

3. There are several lists I've been meaning to write: music recommendations, restaurant reviews, books, favorites, etc. As type B as I am, I really do love lists and enjoy sharing my discoveries with others.

Here's to a summer for us visual-people (you know who you are!). Enjoy.