Museum Ladies

Anna, Bonnie T, Christy, and I went to go see the Richard Avedon exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum. With stops at Honey Bear's BBQ (YUM!) and Lux (YUM YUM!).

I was really hoping to see this collection by Avedon, but guess we'll have to make a trip to Tucson to see it. I love how Christy described him, "He takes the pretense out of people." His portrait of Picasso's children was probably my favorite of the exhibit. Or maybe the one with the elephants. Or his fashion photography... It was all sickeningly amazing.

Also got a surprise treat: a quickie art tour by a docent who happened to love Donald Judd as much as I do.

Am now making plans to spend Tuesday nights at the museum and at Lux, drinking the valley's best coffee. Sigh.

Museum shoes
(Can you match the shoes with the wearers?)


self portraits

self portrait IV

self portrait III

self portrait II

self portrait I

Been listening to a lot of Beirut and Edgar Meyer lately.

Thrift Store Finds

Real dancing shoes!

Some real dancing shoes along with some fabric to make this shirt

Dramatic Ugly Hat

Thrift Store Fashion

Green Snakeskin Shoes
Some awesome snakeskin shoes.




One reason for a lack of reality and excitement about the Christian life is due to a lack of imagination. When our imaginations are not engaged or fall dormant, our faith will begin to die. God is there, and this is not a mere matter of analysis or feeling and neither are the goal. Being in community with God, as unfolding through imagination, should be the end of the pursuit of truth.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

[from the L'Abri blog]


Knitting Club!

Baby blanket for Evangeline

Knitting club is finally happening! After reading Knitting for Peace, I've been inspired for quite some time to start knitting for social justice reasons. And now inspiration is turning into action. Care to join us on the first and third Saturday? There'll be muffins...

More information here.


Itsy Bitsy

My friend, Brian, lent me his lens extenders which has provided some macro fun. I found a spider in our church parking lot and decided to see how close I could get. Now, I am terrified of spiders (I sat with my head between my knees after various scenes in Cloverfield), so this was a feat of bravery. Click on the photos to see the full-sized details.

for comparison
About what one would see in normal life. Maybe about 1/8" long.

Up too close.


Innovate or Die

This year's winner of the Innovate or Die Pedal-Powered Contest.

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

[via Creative Review]


Last year, my printmaking class participated in the Edible Books Festival to raise money for a non-profit literacy group. My project: Helvetica Neue Bold 268pt Specimen Sheet Cake. (The plate on the right in the bottom picture are leftover pieces, which we sold as "Whitespaces")

Come watch Helvetica on Final Friday!



One last memory

[the rest of the set can be viewed here.]


For RSS Users

I am switching my RSS feed to FeedBurner.

Please adjust your feed addresses accordingly to this: http://feeds.feedburner.com/BeautifulImpermanence

For the love of a font

Anyone want to come watch Helvetica with me next week?

(and just for the record, I have purchased the documentary, but am still waiting on the Helvetica mug in order for it to be shipped to me)

More information on the documentary here.

Up // Down





Despite our English majors galore here at the church, a typo or two slips out. This Sunday, we advertised for a new class, "Staring Point" (not to be confused with "Starting Point"). I thought it deserved a flier of its own:

Staring Point



It's time again for the TFS Winter Retreat. Hailing from Prescott, Arizona, where we're all freezing, but the excitement of the retreat keeps us warm. Here's a few sights thus far...

Pays to Be Early

Wonky trees

Stage lights


Keep up with the weekend here.


Good Words

New Attitude is open for registration!

How am I celebrating?

The Promo Package Arrived!
Redecorating my cubicle.

New Attitude Moleskine
Putting the sticker where words belong.


Neue Words

La Grande Orange // 12.29

He sat by the window, hands in his lap. Alone.

A single cup of coffee on the table. Alone.

He raised his eyes in desperation, hoping to meet the eyes of someone who would understand.

A 2008 project for myself is to develop my creative writing more. I'm carrying around my Field Notes, trying to make a new habit to write ideas down immediately. It's a new kind of spontaneity for me, especially since words don't come easily to me. Despite being deeply moved by unexpected sights, I have a rather unfortunate ability to forget them just as quickly as they come. It must be penned immediately, otherwise the idea resides with lost items on my to-do list. [This one was written on the back of a receipt. I wish I had said hello, but was too shy and try to make a point in not engaging the people I write about.]