thanks. again.


You know
Those things in life
The ones that you desperately hope for
Are sure it's the right thing
And it couldn't be
Any other way

And then
Hope is deferred
Right turns into absurdity
And fate mocks imagination

And in the moment
It's nothing short of devastating

You know
It'll be alright
And hope you'll
Actually believe that someday

And then
You catch a glimpse
Of how
It would have been
If you were the master of your ship
And determined your own happenings

And the
Kindness of God
Makes sense for just a moment

Thus belief
And gratitude
Join hands in reality

imbibe. enjoy.


italian blood orange soda.
been sippin' all afternoon.
a delightful imbibe.
(sans booze)
so nice.


hee hee...

Found this at solo cafe last night. Thinking about buying a copy to accompany my other favorite book.


all things know // all things know

In 11 days, I get have an adventure with this amazing woman.

I'm listening to this to get ready.

I predict lots of laughter, talking, looking at beautiful things, eating yummy food, musing, pondering, and general awesomeness.

I miss you so much.



jet trail

jet trail

both hands

liberty market

palo verde blossoms

it's good to look up sometimes

watch the sun go down


just did a mega flickr upload. go check it out.


a lovely latte


From Solo Cafe. Went there last night and had a delightful experience. Heard about it here and thought I'd give it a try. I had a delightful chat with Andrew, one of the owners. Their coffee alone will keep me coming back, not to mention their commitment to local and independent suppliers.

(sorry for the low-quality cell phone image. my camera was still all gooky from cleaning...)


i like guessing

i like guessing.

a favorite of mine.
i like guessing.

no definite edges or answers,
the allure of what could be.

doesn't matter if it comes to pass;
after all,
what will be will be.
i just like to guess.


creosote bushes smell like rain

creosote bushes smell like rain

for real.
i used to pull off branches as a kid
and bury them in my face
wishing for the wet stuff.



Neue Friendships = the best

Last night, I had the privilege of sharing an amazing meal with the amazing Chanelle and co.

For those of you who don't know her, here's the skinny: she rocks.

While I feast on the goodies sent home (granola and strawberry-cream-almond-deliciousness-yum), you should check out her photos.

a brutal emergence

saturated bloom

brutal blooming

yellow + blue

lake of shining waters

i was shocked to find such loveliness in our barren land.
the smells were spicy and harsh.
blossoms breaking out of their sheaths
as if to spite the desert.


An Engineer's Guide to Cats

...be sure to catch the bit on cat yodeling.

[via mental_floss via Neatorama]


A small muse on love and coffee

Coffee Love

Dug up an old photo that I took for TFS forever ago. It was for a message on marriage. I really like this picture. Maybe it's how I want to fall in love... Not sure what that would mean in words, but it feels right. Anyone else have words for this?
On a coffee related note, be sure to check out Arizona Coffee. I just got my bumper sticker, which I'm proudly sporting on my car. Great resources. Good coffee shops. Interesting articles. Go check it out!


"You guys sound like a bunch of cackling schoolgirls"

...said Brian, responding to Ryan and me laughing while watching this.


Weekend Thoughts

Travel Guide cover

I have ALWAYS wanted to do this! 50 States in a Week & 21 States in One Day. I'd probably take two weeks because I can't bear the thought of just driving past everything. Mandatory "Pull over! I need to photograph that!" would definitely be in order. (or drive and snap, as I did the above...)


Bethany + Evangeline

Bethany was in town last week with baby Evangeline. I'd forgotten how much I missed this dear, beautiful friend! Conversations with her always leave me feeling like I really can tackle the world. I am so blessed to have a friend who strengthens my vision. She's so amazing. (P.S., Bethany, I did start writing again. I'll send you some bits of what's come about this last week soon. Thanks for reviving this lost love.)




I thought I had made a decision.
And then realized I was being melodramatic.
So I ended up right back where I started.
But this time, it's ok.
It is what it is.
What will be will be.
I'm beginning to see it's all Good.