Settling. Still.

front and top of the barn

It's been a month since I've moved. Still getting into the swing of things, but it's been a delightful month. Living with a family was a great decision and am really grateful to Rich and Tiffany for offering their home to me. There's a different kind of normalcy that I think I've needed for awhile. Hearing kids voices at the crack of dawn. Playing games with the boys. Sharing meals. Chatting with Tiffany in the kitchen after the kids are in bed. It's nice to have people to come home to—and great, people at that.

As nurturing as this season is, I've still wrestled with a really strong feeling of impermanence. Which this current residence is. An in-between point. And there's only generality as to where point B is yet (another blog for another day) and no real time frame yet either. Could be 6 months, could be 2 years. I think this has been the biggest hindrance to making my little basement room home. Even a temporary home. Not being defined by my "next step" has been a point of inner wrestling for awhile. Maybe for a little longer. I think I'm in a good, safe place to wrestle.

Some other things of note:

- Started playing the guitar. This has turned out to be a very communal event. Jason lent me his Fender while he's out in Maryland. Connor, Dale, Chris, and Tara have all given me quickie guitar lessons and played with me a bit. Dan is setting me up with guitar pics and straps. It's been fun! I like having a portable instrument that I can play quietly in the corner of my room.

- Started writing music again. Not a whole lot. Nothing quite finished yet. But it feels good to start compositions. Something's happened and I feel like I've finally been able to express some of the things I've been working through musically. Been waiting for this moment for awhile.

- Still picking out paint chips for my room. Think we finally narrowed down a general color. Been really inspired by the hue of Billy Buttons.

- I'm taking a freelance hiatus for awhile. Still have a few projects that I need to finish, and I already miss taking pictures all the time and staying up late. But I was getting really close to being creatively burned out. My "real job" really requires the best of my creative energy right now. I'm realizing that saying no, as disappointing as it can be at times, is keeping me refreshed. Which gives me more time to rest and spend my free time doing things that I need to do and want to do. For example...

- I started reading classic mysteries. Inspired by my friend, Hannah, I picked up some Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers. I've watched and listened to plenty of BBC's dramatizations of both author's stories, but never really got into the books. Thought it was due time.

- I am geographically satisfied. The location where I live now has been notably ideal for this time of my life. I get to drive home with mountains covering at least 180° of the view. The neighborhood is full of beautiful green things. Plus I get to live close to some rad chicas.


Field Note Love

Field Notes save the day!

A special hello to my Field Notes-loving visitors!

Last week, while playing with the band at the Blackstone Fellowship banquet, our evening plans were truncated due to false fire alarms, leaving us stuck in the lobby. We were saved by Todd's remembering of a great games to play in my Field Notes. I wrote up a short story about this on my Flickr and it was featured on the Field Notes website!

Just a quick plug for Field Notes. It's a constant companion. Perfect size for my purse. I'm on third notebook now and it has come in handy for oh so many things! From impromptu grid-based typography projects to recipes to IKEA shopping lists. One of these days, I'll get around to scanning in all the notes, ephemera, and memories I've accrued in my beloved Field Notes. I've got a few up, though.

If you don't have them, you should get some. Right now. It'll be one of the best $9.95 purchases you'll ever make. Don't believe me? Check out all these other highly-satisfied customers.


Cloudy, With A Chance Of Rain

night sky

Today seems to have all sorts of rain potential. Hopefully it'll come. Drinking lots of tea in honor of the clouds. Working on updating my rainy day mix. Looking for some suggestions.

What is your rainy day music?

(check back at the end of the day for an updated list!)