Shall we quarrel with that which blesses us?


Here's the skinny:

· Been praying the last month and a half about moving to Seattle. A desire years in the making, revived while I was here in May. An unexpected, yet very evidently Providential turn of events. There's a long story around this, but this is the skinny version. Call for the long one. :)

· This trip is the penultimate one, deciding on whether Seattle is to be my next home. Would covet your prayers for clarity, specifically in the form of permanent work. It's been hard to think of leaving Phoenix, usually accompanied by a slew of tears. My home and heart is definitely there, but it seems pretty evident right now that this is where I am to be.

Tara e-mailed me this quote from Spurgeon today. It's been a great encouragement and conviction. My expectations tend to get the better of me and I've been dealing with a complaining heart, hardened toward God blessing me apart my expectations and preferred timing.

"Be patient, be patient, be patient, is the lesson to be repeated to our hearts many times. It is the Holy Spirit ever patient under our provocations who call us to be patient. We may well be patient under trials for it is the Lord who sends them. He is ruling in all our circumstances and He is blessing us by them. He is waiting to end them and he is pledged to bring us through. Shall we not gladly submit to the father of our spirits? Is not this our deepest wish, "Your will be done!" Shall we quarrel with that which blesses us? Shall we worry then the end of the trouble is so near? No! We see that the Lord is full of tender mercy and so we will be patient!"



Sorry to drop off on the updates. Much happened in Seattle Life: Week 4, as did Arizona Life: Weeks 1-3. Life has been happening at a gloriously rapid pace and am really excited about things to come. I'm on a much-needed vacation this weekend in San Diego with my brother, visiting our friend, Jmo, and perhaps there'll be some breathing time to share all the forthcoming adventures.

Happy Independence Day (early)!