the end.

The end of 2008

What a lovely way to conclude 2008.


Good thing I didn't paint my room puce...


at last.

I had no idea that my physical surroundings affected my fashion color choices so dramatically.


:: frosty morn ::

frosty morn

car frost

frosty morn grass

we had our first real frost last night. it's the closest thing to snow out here.




This is Tad. You should follow him on Twitter.



Sunny Thaper tagged me in the 6th Photo Meme that’s going around. My mission should I chose to accept it: Go to page 6, image 6 on my Flickr stream and post it up. Tag 6 more, call it a post. That image and an explanation follow.

pastures in elgin, arizona

My friend Evie and I took a roadtrip down to Bisbee, Arizona for wine tasting and exploring the eclectic little town. On our drive to Bisbee from Sonoita Vineyards, we drove through some of the most beautiful parts of Arizona I have ever seen. Roving fields, round mountains, fresh, crisp high desert air. It was gorgeous.

Now I think it's time for
to show their stuff. :)


a brief exchange on brownies.

While hopping into the car to go to Kindergarten, Jack caught sight of the last of Chanelle's brownies of fudgey delicious awesomeness in the front seat. (Why there's still some left is beyond me. Usually inhale them within minutes of receiving them... Nevertheless, I'm taking them to our office girl's party tonight.) This is the exchange that followed.

Jack: I wish I could have a brownie... (sigh)
Me: Sorry, buddy, those brownies are for girls 20 and over.
Jack: (thinks a moment) I'm over 20. In fact, I'm 22.
Me: Oh really? You look really young for your age.
Jack: Yeah...
Me: Does this mean you're a girl, too?
Jack: (thinks very carefully about his answer. brownies or going against everything his parents have ever taught him. definitely a toss-up.) Um... Yes.
Me: Interesting! I didn't know Jack was a girl's name! Well in that case, 20 year-old girls like to listen to Pink Martini, so I think we'll listen to that on our drive this morning. ("Hang On, Little Tomato" begins to play)
Jack: (wondering what he's gotten himself into) Can we listen to Adventures in Odyssey instead?
Me: Nah, this is what 20 year-old girls listen to.
Jack: Miss Luz...I'm not really a 22 year-old girl. I just wanted brownies.


[Picture of said brownies of fudgey delicious awesomeness by Chanelle]



pink skies

Tonight's sunset. Wow. Just wow.

puddle jumping

puddle jump!

best viewed large.

best viewed listening to this or this.

see the rest of the set.


Finally Winter

Bus Stop

"Bus Stop"
From my first "real" winter here.
Best viewed large, on black.

The weather has finally cooled off long enough for it to finally feel like winter. It's lovely during the day, low 70's, and chilly upper 40's at night. Enough to bust the sweaters out in the early morning. Cold weather is my favorite—I blame my inherited northwestern blood in my veins. The smell of heaters, fire pits, Christmas cookies being baked, nippy morning air, trying really hard to see your breath linger... The beginning of the season is always prime for sensory pleasure.


I have an awesome brother


It's been a rough week. I've been really grateful for the many friends that have walked alongside me as I work through some stuff. Notably, my brother, Paz has really been there for me. I'm especially grateful to have him not just as a brother, but as my best friend, too.


This is a little late to post, but I wanted to share a poem he wrote me for my birthday:

Twenty-Five Years

Was it only yesterday
you held me after I arrived
home from the hospital

Was it only a year ago we
pretended to be cadets
from Star Trek*

Was it only an hour ago
we cried together at
beauty and tragedy

Was it only a second ago
we fought about an interview
but still say i love you
after every call

25 years today
God brought you
to our family

Love your bro,

* I feel the need to qualify this as a literary device. "Yesterday" is the equivalent of me being in the 6th grade, when I was madly in love with Wil Wheaton. Just so you know.


Pie, anyone?

Pie, anyone?

Haven't had a chance to upload pictures from Thanksgiving yet, but photographic testimony aside, there was plenty to be thankful for—including this post-Thanksgiving pie made by my sweet friend, Sophia.