Happy Bokeh Wednesday


From Dustin + Marie's wedding. Also the last time I was in Seattle.


Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

I'm traveling for the next few weeks. Right now I'm in Seattle. Will be heading to Bellingham at the end of the week. Then to San Francisco with Fallon! You can keep up with me as I take pictures, tweet, and check-in. Ciao!


Neeeeed coffee.

Home Made Mocha

Took me 4 tries this morning to get my coffee cup from the basement where I live to the upstairs kitchen where the coffee lives for my second cup.

Twice, I walked into the wrong room. The same wrong room. Twice. Both times remembering that the coffee cup is the the in the room TEN FEET AWAY.

Once, I walked into the right room, but didn't bring the right thing out. I mean it's an honest mistake, right, because MY BATH MAT LOOKS JUST LIKE MY COFFEE CUP.

[Le sigh.]


National Poetry Month


"Goodnight" by David Ferry (via, from the book Of No Country I Know)

Lying in bed and waiting to find out
Whatever is going to happen: the window shade

Making its slightest sound as the night wind,
Outside, in the night, breathes quietly on it;

It is parental hovering over the infantile;
Something like that; it is like being a baby,

And over the sleep of the baby there is a father,
Or mother, breathing, hovering; the streetlight light

In the nighttime branches breathing quietly too;
Altering; realtering; it is the body breathing;

The crib of knowing: something about what the day
Will bring; and something about what the night will hold,

Safely, at least for the rest of the night, I pray.

[via Steve McCoy]