Jon Troast - Live!

Jon Troast Live!

It’s our privilege to host folk musician, Jon Troast, for an evening of acoustic music and warm drinks.

Date: December 11, 2007
Time: 7pm Location: The Lambros House (map)
Admission: $7

Important details:

_Invite your friends!
_We’ll be giving away CD’s to the first 10 people who show up.
_The event will be in the Lambros’ backyard, so bring warm clothes!
_Snacks + warm drinks will be served.
_Visit jontroast.com for a taste of the evening’s fare.
_Contact Luz for more info – cafecalvinista@gmail.com


Treated Book

A piece from Tom Phillips' ongoing piece The Humument, a treated Victorian novel. Currently showing at the London Artists Book Fair. I've been wanting to do something with my linoleum tree stamp. I think Mr. Phillips had me fully inspired....

[via We Made This]



The excited voices of family reunited.
Walking fast to keep warm.
The smell of elk stew.
Bare aspen trees.
Walking through snowy fields with the dogs.
Arctic underwear.
Breckenridge beer.
Snowflakes on my eyelashes.
Practical gifts, like tweezers, inside Christmas poppers/crackers.
"Hey, wanna twade?"
Giving grandma a manicure.
Holding her hard-worked hands in mine.
Amelia's eggnog sweet potatoes (+spiced eggnog!!)
Being with people who love what they do.
Experiencing community.
Beating Geno at "Oh, Heck!" by a contested point.
Wailin' Jennys while making dinner.
Aunt Hope unabashedly singing made up words to songs.
Debating over turkey preparation.
The basting timer's ding.
Frosted grass.
Sunflare photos.
Cats snuggling in bed.
Hot coffee and homemade pumpkin scones.
Seeing the stars through wispy clouds.
Watching your breath linger in the air.
Rocky Mountains.
Trees. Trees. Trees.
Warm fires in wood stoves.

For these I am grateful.



I'm wearing my dancing shoes today. (Sans Swiss alps.)



I don't need extra "protein"

While searching images for a burrito photo for our Burrito's In The Park outreach, this came up in my search results.


The Pursuit

The conference is over! Life returns to...normal? At any rate, the weekend went really well (some photos by the fantastic Todd can be seen here). We had so much wonderful help make it possible. Men were encouraged to be better, stronger, courageous, more godly men. It was exciting to be a part of it all!

Here's a little tidbit not related to anything important to the conference... I designed some special nametags for Andrea and myself. We kept them handy...just in case. :)

Girls Nametag


23 Trees

Last year, I decided that I needed to embrace my love of trees and try to produce 23 tree-related projects for my 23rd year. I'm two weeks away from my birthday and I'm only up to 10, so I'm scrambling a bit. I'll be posting frequently over these next few weeks (mostly after the conference), but until then I wanted to show you all a Zugster bag flap I designed for my friend, Dave.

There are more images here. Dave says there's now a year waiting list, so I think I might just go ahead and send in my order now (25th birthday present, shall we say?). Zugster master, Adam Alpern, crafts some beautiful bags, and I want in on the fun, too.

Edit: The response here has made my day.


100th Post: Autumn Experience Photos

What a lovely way to celebrate my 100th post: sharing photos from my Project: Autumn Experience!