Tall Tale

Me: La la la. Nice quiet drive home. Listening to jazz. Wait...what's that over there? Someone's gotta be a serious golfer to have a net in their backyard. Hmm. Way too tall to be a golf net. Maybe someone installed batting cages? NO WAY!!! It's a TRAPEZE!!!

[calls Jessi to tell this her]

Jessi! I just saw a TRAPEZE in someone's backyard!

Jessi: Take a picture. Or else it didn't happen.

[I turn the car around]

Me: [camera phone picture] I have to Twitter this. This is incredible. Oh my. OH MY! It's part of a trapeze SCHOOL!!! In freaking GILBERT!!!


This really happened. I have a picture AND a website to prove it.


New Digs

I moved today. Two years over at La Casita De La Risitas came to a close. Lots of memories there. I still love my girls lots and still anticipate hang out time. —That is, when I'm not hanging out with my new neighbor. (Who, by the way, is selling her gorgeous prints. You should go buy lots of them. $15 now...will be worth millions someday.) For the next while, my home will be with Rich and Tiffany, their three boys, and Amanda, my new basement-mate.

Speaking of boys, many thanks to Scotty, Jim, Mike, Mattias, Ligin, Ryan, Conrad, and Jordan who helped me move all of my stuff into my new room, which is a bit of a drive from my old house. Most of these guys meet Saturday mornings for Bible study and decided to use their usual time to live what they study and help me instead. I'm so grateful for these men. Got to have delightful conversations over lunch and was reminded of the quality dudes in my life.

When I got to the house, I found this on my dresser:

A roomwarming gift

A roomwarming gift
The note is from 5 year-old Jack, nestled in between a bottle of merlot, espresso chocolates, and a small tea pot! They know me well! :)

I'm pretty exhausted. It's a good change. I'm trying to use it as an excuse to make some lifestyle changes, too. Going on a craft/art/freelance hiatus once I've completed the ones I'm doing right now, so I can spend more time focusing on music, reading, and writing. I also started exercising, with the 100 Push-Up Challenge (along with several other Twitterers) and I'm going to start running on Monday, using the C25K plan. This is all to help get my mind and body in order, so I'll be able to better think about some upcoming decisions.

Moving has also provided me a new opportunity to be more organized. There's a place for pretty much everything. (Andrea and Amy, you girls are going to be SO PROUD of me!) Two things to note:

Hole In One
Saw this in this month's ReadyMade. Turned out to be the perfect length for all my earrings! Now I just need to find something for my necklaces...

Can't help myself
Inspired by this, I color-coordinated my bookshelf. Call me silly, but I tend to remember books by their covers anyway. Once I'm done putting everything away, I might let you take a peek at my entire collection. Maybe I should make my own MoOM...

Here's to good change. I'm off to go watch an episode of John Adams...


On Existence


"Man should not be measured by what he knows, but by what he loves." —St. Augustine

What do you love? What are you driven by? Where are you going?


Our Own Kind Of Grandure


It's monsoon season.
Brings out just a bit of green.
And lots of amazing lighting shows.
Not to mention beautiful clouds.

I can almost smell the rain now...


Special Birthday Girls

Teacher Bonnie: "You get an A+ for effort. Final grade after tasting tomorrow."
10 Things I Love About Roommate Bonnie
(in no particular order)
  1. She reads stories aloud with zeal.
  2. Her culinary tastes are that of a 1950's housewife.
  3. She cares about people genuinely and deeply.
  4. She is an amazing listener. I love our late-night talks.
  5. She cries easily—but mostly because her capacity for beauty is so great.
  6. She has crazy bow-tying skills.
  7. She values beauty in the small details of life.
  8. Her love of words is filled with delight.
  9. She dreams big and becomes more alive when talking about her dreams.
  10. She likes sassy shoes.
  11. (Bonus) She is amazingly gracious...even when birthday pie-making goes awry.


10 Things I Love About JMo:
(in no particular order)
  1. She has an awesome nickname.
  2. Her superpower of modesty coupled with impeccable fashion sense is truly amazing.
  3. She has excellent taste in alcohol and tobacco and still maintains her femininity.
  4. We can laugh about poop and farts together.
  5. She's got great tunes.
  6. She takes being a woman of God seriously.
  7. Her honesty and transparency is refreshing.
  8. She laughs well.
  9. She appreciates good design. :)
  10. She's quick to remember and share God's kindness to her with others.
Happy birthday, dear friends!


Sign placement FAIL

While driving home from lunchtime errands, I passed this sign. In a matter of seconds, my sentiments went from "Awww!" to "Ewww!" I immediately turned around to take a picture of the unfortunate placement.


drink + be merry

drink and be merry

from the Converti-Shine wedding.