"my eyebaws bwoke"

It was time to see the eye doctor again. My reading glasses had run their course and seemed to not be easing the eyeball pain I had been experiencing. Now, visiting the ophthalmologist is just a mere step up from visiting the dentist in my book. You get air blown into your eyes, dilation drops, bright burning lights–it's not my favorite thing. Last check-up, my eye doctor told me I had "white without pressure". I'll save you the technical gobbledy-gook, since I don't really understand it myself. However, the prescription he gave me was as follows, "Avoid heavy blows to the head, otherwise your retinas will detach, you'll go blind, and need laser surgery."

I've done a pretty good job at avoiding heavy blows to the head the last few years, but my eyesight has continued to worsen. And my new ophthalmologist didn't believe me. "Your eyes are perfectly healthy," he chortled several times. Finally, after poking around he finally found the problem. It's not a distance problem, it's fixation disparity. In laymans terms, my eyes swing out a little bit, so to focus in on close up work, they have to exert themselves harder to move in properly. Hoorah! Problem solved! Within a few weeks I'll be sporting these new friends and my eyes will hopefully live happily-until-the-next-eye-appointment-ever after.




Grape Hyacinth
a gift from roommate mandy.



sea gulls on lake pontchartrain.



pazzy + luzzy

It was an amazing trip. With amazing people [the frey's, erik + erin, evan + bekah, emily, scotie beth, jennifer, rodrigo]. And amazing food [beignets, chicory coffee, muffaletta, camellia grill, mr. perry's seafood].

I'm still processing through a lot of my thoughts. There's so much of the city and people that is so indescribable. Beauty and tragedy so tightly interwoven...

I listened to Jeremy Casella's new album, "Recovery" during the trip. I think the title track describes the words I can't seem to find best.

words and music: Casella

Faith, hope - a melody with no words
Is making its way through these dark times
Echoes the sound that you heard
In the autumn of desire
In the ashes of the innocence fires

No use closing your eyes to remember
What you wear in your bruises and scars
All these memories hold a reflection
Of the distance you've traveled so far
From a boy full of dreams in Pennsylvania
To a man with his wife in Tennessee
So much more than the sum of your longings
Are the good and the bad - all this beauty and tragedy

No one told you that faith would come easy
No one promised the way would be clear
Turn the ground in the fields of your story
While you're sowing the seed of your tears
Under skies wide and blue as the ocean
Make your peace with your own history
So much more than the sum of your longings
Are the good and the bad - all this beauty and tragedy

Put your sorrows in the ground
All the broken pieces wrapped up in shadows of places and people you've known
Weeping shapes and sounds all strung together like a crown
Lead a heart out of stone with a melody making you new


Pictures here.


thanks a lot

//  thanks for all i've got

While at Goodwill, I found an old Raffi tape. I listened to old familiar songs and one in particular stood out to me.

thanks a lot // thanks for the sun in the sky
thanks a lot // thanks for the clouds so high
thanks a lot // thanks for the whispering wind
thanks a lot // thanks for the birds in the spring
thanks a lot // thanks for the moonlit night
thanks a lot // thanks for the stars so bright
thanks a lot // thanks for the wondering me
thanks a lot // thanks for the way i feel

thanks for the animals, thanks for the land,
thanks for the people everywhere

thanks a lot // thanks for all i've got
thanks for all i've got
– "Thanks A Lot" by Raffi

This song reminded me of my walk at the Riparian Institute on Sunday. It was so beautiful.
And Paz and I are now on our way to New Orleans. His reaction was filled with joyful tears. It's going to be a great weekend.


Let's make a type family.

Have a graphic designer in your view? Tell them in a way they'll understand.

And if you're trying to get rid of one...

comic sans



G-loosh kids

Just in case you all were wondering, my kid brother is pretty much awesome.

He's got some impeccable fashion sense. Incredible.

He taught me how to smoke a pipe recently.

He's really agile.

Did I mention he's also ridiculously good-looking? I mean ridiculously good-looking.

And for his birthday, we're going on our first "road trip" to an undisclosed location. (Not really Mexico, but it's what we've been calling the surprise destination so I don't give it away.) And we're flying. But the point is I'm going on a trip to the city with my best friend.

Happy early birthday, brudder.



Jon Troast made a stop here on his $100 Tour in December. You can catch a bit of us here...

Thanks for a great concert, Jon!




got word yesterday about one of my dearest oregon friends has been in the icu for the last week, undergoing surgery after surgery, and is now in a drug-induced coma so he can fight the infection. my prayers go out to him, his wife, and baby girl. i was just telling a friend, it's so easy to deal with impermanence when it's not directly affecting you. death and sickness are so unnatural.

meanwhile, we continue to hope for the lord's kindness to bring healing.


it's become an over the rhine, "good dog bad dog" day.


Just spotted...

Just as I was posting my last post, Sussy called me and said I needed to come downstairs right away with my camera. The reward: the most brilliant rainbow I have ever seen.

(To see a larger version, click on the image, and then on "all sizes")

more twilight




see the rest of the set here.

I'd Never Check Out, Either

Another gem from Portland.

[via: Coudal]


More Donald Judd

Some more Donald Judd fun. A quiz titled, "Donald Judd, or Cheap Furniture." I got 83%. His simplicity and organic elegance just astounds me.