moispectaclesself_portrait.jpgfeeling myself

Lots of self-portraits taken lately.
Perhaps it's narcissism.
I guess I've been feeling more like myself lately.
The real me.
Not defined by circumstance. Not having to fill a role. Not longing to be somewhere else. Not by what I do.
Just me.


Mix Master

Here's a partial of my Nicer Weather mix occupying my iPod these days... Enjoy!

Impermanence study


Impermanence II


Easter: Far From Tame

Jasie linked to this Slate article on her blog. An excellent article about why Easter has resisted mass commercialization. Not avoided it (heck, we're dying Easter eggs tomorrow), but the reality of the holiday cannot be tamed. The reality of Easter is a gruesome. Just listen to Rich Gamache's crucifixion narrative. Even its glorious ending can't be relegated to just a mere man. Amazing.
What does the world do with a person who has been raised from the dead? Christians have been meditating on that for two millenniums. But despite the eggs, the baskets, and the bunnies, one thing we haven't been able to do is to tame that person, tame his message, and, moreover, tame what happened to him in Jerusalem all those years ago. (Source: Slate)


Found Type

Many thanks to Richard Weston for the link on Found Type Friday's over at Ace Jet 170 (a lovely blog with lots of delightful typographic wonders). He posted a few of my found type pieces from our New Orleans trip awhile back. Thought I'd share my type goodies with my own readers. (And welcome to visitors as well!)

old wal-greens

saenger theater



Bottom Line

My favorite book got mentioned in a great article over at Salon.

They were even nice enough to include a great video about why poo matters.


Embarrassing Childhood Photos

Well, we made the cut in the photo challenge. We're gluttons for humiliation, I guess.


And no, it just looks like Paz is peeing on the carpet. I actually submitted a few that didn't make the cut, but we think they're pretty embarrassing nevertheless.

"How I Gave My Brother a Complex". Since I had no younger sisters to dress up, my brother did just fine. And while I was a mean big sister, I was kind enough to share my favorite dress with him. And my red tights, too.

This is photographic evidence that my brother really did drive me crazy as a child.

Paz was a clown at McDonald's at a young age. His name was Mikey McFun And I kid you not!–he was paid in hamburgers. He claims that he now understand why children are frightened of clowns (as the University of Sheffield would have it).


my love came early

my love for apple began early

While looking for pictures for this challenge, Paz found this photo as proof that I come from a line of early adopters.

Circa 1993 maybe? We'd had this computer for awhile. oh the games we'd play... The Adventures of Indigo the Cat. Writing Workshop. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Oh the fun!

This computer was actually an upgrade from this computer, but I can't seem to find the picture of me as a baby, typing madly away...




Good things come to those who wait...a very long time.

Due to some manufacturing problems, my Helvetica bundle from Veer had been prevented from making its way into my hands. I sat around for months, wondering what it would be like to drink tea from my Helvetica mug, anticipating all the pithy quotes from Helvetica lovers and haters, pining to see the mastery that is the Helvetica documentary. I'd tried to see this documentary several times, but conflicting schedules kept me from my one true typeface love.

...and then it finally arrived yesterday. The halls were filled with a rollicking rendition of the hallelujah chorus as I dashed around, clutching my new wares tightly.

Helvetica Happy

I'm drinking Big Fat Hen from Precious Will Tea. Yum.

I plan on watching it tonight, with plans on throwing a Helvetica party in the near future. Perhaps we will eat Helveticake...