Autumn in Arizona

In the grand spectrum of birthdays, 25 isn't quite so significant. Car rental is granted, I guess. Perhaps a little more street cred. More paperwork, now being fully responsible for my own insurance, and such. Old enough to be a responsible adult, but not quite old enough to give sage advice...

And yet this feels like it'll be a significant year. A year to chase dreams, start life afresh, pursue my calling with deep vigor. There's lots that I'm thinking about(and will share more later), mostly related to a significant change coming up in my life. Next summer, I'm moving to Peoria on a church plant. Who ever thought I'd be moving from one suburb to another? Not me!

There is a story behind all this, but it's better told in person.



seattle park via holga

Today marks 31 days before my 25th birthday. I heard a lecture in college about making birthdays a celebration of life, and recommended doing so by celebrating the whole year if if it was a multiple of 5. My family has always celebrated birthday months, so I'm figure there's definitely room to do both this upcoming year.

Stay tuned for details on current dreams and forthcoming plans...


Just checking...

fresh produce!

hellooooo, seattle!

shade and a shadow

spicy hot chocolate

...yup. Seattle is still awesome.

(See it for yourself!)


Great American Northwest Tour II

Hello! I'm headed out to Seattle for the weekend to catch up with dear friends. Stay tuned for photos and updates from the great Northwest city!

(You can take a peek from my last trip to Seattle here.)