Stewing is a great talent of mine. Sometimes it results in enlightenment. Often times, it just brings about anxiety. My musings as of late have been of the former, fortunately. I have come to a few conclusions:

1. Blogspot is much more aesthetically conducive than Xanga. I think this will be a better setup to display more of my designs and photos--not to mention it allows non-members to post comments.

2. I am highly visual. Words seem to come more slowly these days. It is often arduous to find verbiage to communicate my thoughts and ideas. Images seem to be a more natural fit for me. Therefore, I'm moving more toward a photoblog than a blog-blog. The world doesn't need my verbal commentary. I initially felt guilty for not having words to blog with, but then it made so much more sense to do what I'm good at: see the world in shapes and colors.

3. There are several lists I've been meaning to write: music recommendations, restaurant reviews, books, favorites, etc. As type B as I am, I really do love lists and enjoy sharing my discoveries with others.

Here's to a summer for us visual-people (you know who you are!). Enjoy.


Anna said...

Love the header quote. Ditto your Na pics. :)

Paul said...

I want to point out that Xanga does allow anonymous comments. I do think Blogger is more elegant and simple visually, but I wish it had features like email subscription and blogrings. It's a good thing I can subscribe to your blog with RSS, because I don't want to miss any enlightened musings.

Eden said...

What does the Na stand for? I keep thinking Sodium every time I see it in your pictures!

craig said...

welcome aboard!
i don't know how much influence i had over you move(if any), but i'd like to take full credit for it! i'm sure that my pointing out how xanga has that 'backwards no sign' embedded in their eprops system really got to you...at least on a subconscious design level. {=o)
also, i fully support your move to photobloggerism. i can't wait!