Once you're where you think you want to be you're not there anymore.
– Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padres (as seen in The Brothers K by David James Duncan)

Le Grande Muveran, as seen from Farel House

The weather has become unexpectedly cooler, soothing my bitter summer soul. Someone commented the other day about how long life seems here sometimes because we don't have distinct visible seasons. While the temperature is dropping, our visual autumn doesn't happen until January–which really begins to mess with your seasonal clock after awhile. A few friends have now invited me to go see a true fall out east, which I am seriously entertaining. But an escape to idealism will not cure my own deep-seated discontent. I will try to celebrate the season in my own Arizona way, and not be pining for places elsewhere. I am here. And it is good. Theoretical seasons and all.

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