Neue Words

La Grande Orange // 12.29

He sat by the window, hands in his lap. Alone.

A single cup of coffee on the table. Alone.

He raised his eyes in desperation, hoping to meet the eyes of someone who would understand.

A 2008 project for myself is to develop my creative writing more. I'm carrying around my Field Notes, trying to make a new habit to write ideas down immediately. It's a new kind of spontaneity for me, especially since words don't come easily to me. Despite being deeply moved by unexpected sights, I have a rather unfortunate ability to forget them just as quickly as they come. It must be penned immediately, otherwise the idea resides with lost items on my to-do list. [This one was written on the back of a receipt. I wish I had said hello, but was too shy and try to make a point in not engaging the people I write about.]

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MikeDana said...

Well done! I felt myself relating to both the subject and the author...