Autumn in Arizona

In the grand spectrum of birthdays, 25 isn't quite so significant. Car rental is granted, I guess. Perhaps a little more street cred. More paperwork, now being fully responsible for my own insurance, and such. Old enough to be a responsible adult, but not quite old enough to give sage advice...

And yet this feels like it'll be a significant year. A year to chase dreams, start life afresh, pursue my calling with deep vigor. There's lots that I'm thinking about(and will share more later), mostly related to a significant change coming up in my life. Next summer, I'm moving to Peoria on a church plant. Who ever thought I'd be moving from one suburb to another? Not me!

There is a story behind all this, but it's better told in person.


Bethany said...

You're moving to Peoria? We need to catch up.

(Happy birthday, by the way! :-)

Seth and Janet said...

excited for you!

oh...and you should see your car insurance go down too :)

Stephanie said...

Very excited for you!

iamchanelle said...

i am excited. and sad. and excited.....and sad.


Tara said...

just excitement here... lucky us :-)