Ira Glass really did do my voicemail.

Ira Glass Voicemail by Luz Galusha - Luna  
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ira glass voicemail.mp3 (550 KB)

Two years ago, Ira Glass did my outgoing message on my voicemail.  I felt so cool and made all my NPR-listening friends jealous.

Today, I begin work as a full-time freelance designer.  Which means that it needs to be my voice and not Ira's.  Perhaps he'll do another one for me someday...

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Stephanie said...

That was a pretty awesome voicemail. And, yes, I was a little jealous, ok?!! ;)

Do you think he'd do your businessy-sounding freelance voicemail?

Emily Bryan said...

How did you get him to do that in the first place? Cause I know "Wait wait don't tell me" is Carl Castle. Did you know Ira Glass turned 50 today? Who knew he was that old?

Tiffany said...

awww, I'm going to miss Ira Glass.