Neeeeed coffee.

Home Made Mocha

Took me 4 tries this morning to get my coffee cup from the basement where I live to the upstairs kitchen where the coffee lives for my second cup.

Twice, I walked into the wrong room. The same wrong room. Twice. Both times remembering that the coffee cup is the the in the room TEN FEET AWAY.

Once, I walked into the right room, but didn't bring the right thing out. I mean it's an honest mistake, right, because MY BATH MAT LOOKS JUST LIKE MY COFFEE CUP.

[Le sigh.]


Ruth said...

Are you sure you didn't just have a kid? sounds like you just had a kid. :)

Luz said...

Maybe...oh wait, that was you. :) Do you need me to bring you guys some more coffee?

Luz said...

...although that might be the blind leading the blind. Hmm...

Missy L. said...

hahahahaha...... Oh, girl, you just made my day.

Ruth--it does sound like she has a kid, right? I love it when I fill my mug with apple juice and give the coffee to my toddler.