Greetings, Wreckerators!


Hello, Cake Wrecks, visitors! Thanks for stopping by!

I wanted to take a moment direct you to the entire set of the original cake wreck instruction manual, Magic in Frosting. It truly is "magical". There's a few extra wrecktastic gems in there gawk and giggle at. Enjoy!


For the non-Cake Wreck readers, you really ought to check Jen's fantastic blog. Highly recommended for her witty cake-oriented humor. http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/


jona said...

Way brilliant Luz!!! That book is a true treasure!

Bonnie said...

I remember that book!! Ah, fun times. :D

breanna kealey said...

Hey! That is so awesome! And even better that it came from good Ol' Gilbert! Way to represent the little folks! Get our name out there and what not- =0)

Tara said...

Hi Luz--I got redirected here from Cake Wrecks, but I love that we just met at Bonnie's wedding last month. Is this world small or what? :)

Luz said...

Bonnie - Ha ha! Oh man, what an evening that was! Laughing at the silly thing. :)

Breanna - Hooray for Gilbert! (Lovely cakes, by the way!)

Tara - Small world indeed! You definitely have excellent taste in delightful blog reading. :)

Dana said...

That book is in the town of Gilbert? My sister lives in Gilbert, should I tell her to evacuate?