Day One: 42:17

Today, I began riding my bike to work. I've joined the 5am club (although I usually show up half an hour late), which means I'm going to join the 9pm club, too. The weather is really nice in the morning. Just cool enough to wear a light jacket, but not nippy. I'm trying to keep track of my time, which I think will. Tim Keller made for a great biking buddy. I think this is going to be harder than expected, but I did have a preemptive eulogy for unwanted curves this morning, so I've got to follow through.

Although, I must admit that running through the sprinklers this morning made it all better.


The Return Trip

Well, I made it. And am ready to do it again...after adding some bling. Apparently, my voluptuous toosh isn't as cushy as I thought and need to buy a new seat or make some adjustments to my current one. The guys
here rock...even though Kale, my salesman, suggested padded shorts.

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MikeDana said...

I would (and did) go with a new seat - "gel" is our friend! ;-)