The Mullet of Authority

A found mullet wig at the church transforms my film + lit major brother, Paz, into a faith healer.
Church discipline is pending.

"Can I get a GUH-LORY!?!"
"Can I get a GUH-LORY!?!"

Can you feel it?
"Can you fEEEEl it?"

The WUUUHRD of GOOHD says...
"The WUUUHRD of GOOHD says..."

Filled with something...
He's filled with something... Not sure what, but something.


Tara said...

filled or on something?

those are hilarous!!

paz said...

i think it's time for another haircut. :)

oh, what i'll do for the people i love..

praise jesus. :)

MikeDana said...

Dahctuh, Ah kin wahlk!

...well, Ah could if'n Ah wasn't rollin' on the flah laffin'! ;-)

...and the people said, "AY-mehUN!!!"

Jacob Douvier said...

Disturbing...and Halloween isn't until next week...