The excited voices of family reunited.
Walking fast to keep warm.
The smell of elk stew.
Bare aspen trees.
Walking through snowy fields with the dogs.
Arctic underwear.
Breckenridge beer.
Snowflakes on my eyelashes.
Practical gifts, like tweezers, inside Christmas poppers/crackers.
"Hey, wanna twade?"
Giving grandma a manicure.
Holding her hard-worked hands in mine.
Amelia's eggnog sweet potatoes (+spiced eggnog!!)
Being with people who love what they do.
Experiencing community.
Beating Geno at "Oh, Heck!" by a contested point.
Wailin' Jennys while making dinner.
Aunt Hope unabashedly singing made up words to songs.
Debating over turkey preparation.
The basting timer's ding.
Frosted grass.
Sunflare photos.
Cats snuggling in bed.
Hot coffee and homemade pumpkin scones.
Seeing the stars through wispy clouds.
Watching your breath linger in the air.
Rocky Mountains.
Trees. Trees. Trees.
Warm fires in wood stoves.

For these I am grateful.

1 comment:

paz said...

despite the stains.
of age or will.
the timelesss truth remains.
family, oh family, is still
lovely just the same.

sounds like a grand time.