23 Trees

Last year, I decided that I needed to embrace my love of trees and try to produce 23 tree-related projects for my 23rd year. I'm two weeks away from my birthday and I'm only up to 10, so I'm scrambling a bit. I'll be posting frequently over these next few weeks (mostly after the conference), but until then I wanted to show you all a Zugster bag flap I designed for my friend, Dave.

There are more images here. Dave says there's now a year waiting list, so I think I might just go ahead and send in my order now (25th birthday present, shall we say?). Zugster master, Adam Alpern, crafts some beautiful bags, and I want in on the fun, too.

Edit: The response here has made my day.

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My name is April. said...

Wow Luz, I love it! It's awesome that you designed it too. That's pretty cool. You are becoming famous :-) And I KNOW YOU!!!