"my eyebaws bwoke"

It was time to see the eye doctor again. My reading glasses had run their course and seemed to not be easing the eyeball pain I had been experiencing. Now, visiting the ophthalmologist is just a mere step up from visiting the dentist in my book. You get air blown into your eyes, dilation drops, bright burning lights–it's not my favorite thing. Last check-up, my eye doctor told me I had "white without pressure". I'll save you the technical gobbledy-gook, since I don't really understand it myself. However, the prescription he gave me was as follows, "Avoid heavy blows to the head, otherwise your retinas will detach, you'll go blind, and need laser surgery."

I've done a pretty good job at avoiding heavy blows to the head the last few years, but my eyesight has continued to worsen. And my new ophthalmologist didn't believe me. "Your eyes are perfectly healthy," he chortled several times. Finally, after poking around he finally found the problem. It's not a distance problem, it's fixation disparity. In laymans terms, my eyes swing out a little bit, so to focus in on close up work, they have to exert themselves harder to move in properly. Hoorah! Problem solved! Within a few weeks I'll be sporting these new friends and my eyes will hopefully live happily-until-the-next-eye-appointment-ever after.



Andrea said...

you HAVE seen brian regan's "eye doctor" routine, right?


one of my absolutely favorites!

Luz said...

HAHA!! That's hilarious! Nice to know Brian and I share the same eye problem. :)

MikeDana said...

I think I'd still try to avoid heavy blows to the head, though... ;-)