thanks. again.


You know
Those things in life
The ones that you desperately hope for
Are sure it's the right thing
And it couldn't be
Any other way

And then
Hope is deferred
Right turns into absurdity
And fate mocks imagination

And in the moment
It's nothing short of devastating

You know
It'll be alright
And hope you'll
Actually believe that someday

And then
You catch a glimpse
Of how
It would have been
If you were the master of your ship
And determined your own happenings

And the
Kindness of God
Makes sense for just a moment

Thus belief
And gratitude
Join hands in reality


Andrea said...

so. good. luz, that is excellent. really really excellent. thank you for communicating biblical truth about God and life in a lovely and poetic and human way. well done.

Luz said...

thanks for your kind words, friend!

amy said...

wow ... great post

Mrs. Miller said...

Been there. Thought that. But not so beautifully. Thanks for saying it SO well and for sharing it with us.

My name is April. said...

Oh. So perfectly put. Thank you Luz. You know I needed to hear that. I love the fact that we friends, although miles apart, still struggle on the same level. I feel connected and understood and like all of our lives matter even more when we are holding hands in this life. Thanks for opening your heart.

iamchanelle said...

sweet surrender.

Manuela said...

I love this.

Luz said...

wow! thanks everyone! i'm glad you all were encouraged. hooray for resonance!

Tara said...

Luz that is beautiful... I love the line "and the kindness of God makes sense for just a moment..."

Let's hang out soon!

Luz said...

yes, tara! let's hang out really really soon! i was bummed i didn't get to see you longer tonight...