Weekend Thoughts

Travel Guide cover

I have ALWAYS wanted to do this! 50 States in a Week & 21 States in One Day. I'd probably take two weeks because I can't bear the thought of just driving past everything. Mandatory "Pull over! I need to photograph that!" would definitely be in order. (or drive and snap, as I did the above...)


Bethany + Evangeline

Bethany was in town last week with baby Evangeline. I'd forgotten how much I missed this dear, beautiful friend! Conversations with her always leave me feeling like I really can tackle the world. I am so blessed to have a friend who strengthens my vision. She's so amazing. (P.S., Bethany, I did start writing again. I'll send you some bits of what's come about this last week soon. Thanks for reviving this lost love.)


Tara said...

those are beautiful Luz!

Luz said...

thanks, tara!