Prints for Sale!

Hello, friends! I printed up a bunch of prints for First Fridays last night and through a series of unfortunate events, wasn't able to set up shop. So now I've got a bunch of prints and thought I'd offer them to my friends in stead! This is what I've got with the quantity "in stock" underneath:

saturated bloom
"saturated blossom"
1 - 4x6 | 1 - 8x12

birds admiring themselves without vanity
"birds admire themselves without vanity"
2 - 4x6 | 1 - 8x12

2 - 4x6 | 1 - 8x12

budding tree top
"budding tree top"
2 - 4x6 | 1 - 8x12

tip tops
"tip tops"
3 - 4x6 | 1 - 8x12

Geometric Fence
"geometric fence"
2 - 4x6 | 1 - 8x12

Free + Anchored
"Free + Anchored"
2 - 4x6 | 1 - 8x12

Pier trees
"Pier trees"
2 - 4x6 | sold out - 8x12

Backlit Leaves
"Backlit leaves"
sold out - 4x6 | sold out - 8x12

two trees
"two trees"
2 - 4x6 | sold out - 8x12

"little lovelies"
2 - 4x6 | 1 - 8x12

automatic sprinkler
"automatic sprinkler"
1 - 4x6 | 1 - 8x12

louisville twilight trees
"louisville twilight tree"
2 - 4x6 | 1 - 8x12

Here's the deal. You can buy individual 4x6 for $2 or 3 of them for $5. The 8x12 are $10 each. This includes shipping. If you're interested, e-mail me at cafecalvinista [at] gmail [dot] com and we can set up a PayPal for it, or mail a check, or whatever, and I'll shoot it in the mail. Sound good? Any takers?


iamchanelle said...

um, YES. now to narrow it down to less than ALL OF THEM??!!

love them all. i really do want a couple...will order soon. you should set up etsy shop, girl!

iamchanelle said...

ps - maybe you should give these guys some names, for ordering sake....
and because it's fun.


Luz said...

will do, chanelle. stay tuned for titles. :)

natahlee said...

Beautiful photos! I would like three 4x6 photos for $5 =

1 - Saturated Blossoms
1 - Backlit leaves
1 - Automatic Sprinkler

Thank you and I'll spread the word about your photos!

iamchanelle said...

here's my order, friend!

saturated blossom: 4x6
louisville twilight tree: 4x6
pier trees: 4x6

free + anchored: 8x12

Luz said...
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Luz said...

thanks, natalie and chanelle! natalie, i can give them to you on tuesday. chanelle, i can deliver on sunday.

nat ah lee said...

Sounds fantastic!

Jessi said...

Pier Trees in 8x12, please.

these are really beautiful, Luz!

Luz said...

thanks, jessi!

Jasie said...

Wow, Luz, those are gorgeous!

Don't guess there's any chance of another 8x10 of the two trees becoming available..

Ah, well, if not I'd love 4x6's of
-Two Trees
-Pier Trees
-Birds Admire Themselves

Love the title of the last one, by the way!


Luz said...

jasie, i think we might be able to make that happen. would you like both or just the 8x12?

Judy said...

Fantastic!! I want Backlit Leaves in 8x12. Is it still available? I have a paypal acct.

Bethany said...

are those "little lovelies" the same as the little lovelies in the picture i recently posted on my blog?


mine were in alberta. where were yours?

Luz said...

judy, would you shoot me an email so i can set up the paypal? thanks! cafecalvinista [at] gmail [dot] com

bethany, i think it is! do you know what they are?

Bethany said...

i have no idea what they are. but they grow wild in alberta prairie graveyards. and in arizona, apparently. you won't see that every day.

Jackie D said...

hey can u ship to NJ, i stumbled onto ur site, love the pictures

Luz said...

totally, jackie! shoot me an email and i'd be more than happy to send them to you in NJ!

Whitney said...

Oh...love these! I would order some, but life is a little crazy now. Ditto on the suggestion of the etsy shop. I would come back again and again!