Field Note Love

Field Notes save the day!

A special hello to my Field Notes-loving visitors!

Last week, while playing with the band at the Blackstone Fellowship banquet, our evening plans were truncated due to false fire alarms, leaving us stuck in the lobby. We were saved by Todd's remembering of a great games to play in my Field Notes. I wrote up a short story about this on my Flickr and it was featured on the Field Notes website!

Just a quick plug for Field Notes. It's a constant companion. Perfect size for my purse. I'm on third notebook now and it has come in handy for oh so many things! From impromptu grid-based typography projects to recipes to IKEA shopping lists. One of these days, I'll get around to scanning in all the notes, ephemera, and memories I've accrued in my beloved Field Notes. I've got a few up, though.

If you don't have them, you should get some. Right now. It'll be one of the best $9.95 purchases you'll ever make. Don't believe me? Check out all these other highly-satisfied customers.


Missy L. said...

What if you have a notebook eating purse? Or, more realistically, a notebook eating/hiding/ripping toddler? Would my $9.95 be well spent then?

Luz said...

it comes in a 3-pack, so yes. :)

note on the size...it's perfect for notebook-eating purses. large enough to not loose easily, small enough to carry around in your purse. i think field notes and your purse could become friends easily.