Cloudy, With A Chance Of Rain

night sky

Today seems to have all sorts of rain potential. Hopefully it'll come. Drinking lots of tea in honor of the clouds. Working on updating my rainy day mix. Looking for some suggestions.

What is your rainy day music?

(check back at the end of the day for an updated list!)


Jacob said...

Count Basie was the first thing that came to mind. It is also great to listen to in the mornings. Maybe there is some connection there.

lucy in the sky with diamonds said...

I was looking at my playlists and realized that I had a playlist called "snowday," most of which is still rainy day music, except for the few songs that specifically mention snow :p

josh groban's version of paul simon's "america,"
landon pigg
fionn regan
the weepies
rosie thomas
josh radin

what's on your playlist?

My name is April. said...

Norah Jones always hits the spot on a rainy day.

Anonymous said...

Miles Davis
Damian Rice
Mr. Hudson and the Library
Sigur Ros
Etta James
Certain U2 songs...
Imogen Heap
Depends entirely on the type of rain and whatever I'm doing :)

Melissa said...

Jack Johnson...Iron and wine...for a chill, quiet rainy day. I've really enjoyed the music that comes up on my Jack Johnson station on Pandora.

But, if it's a kind of "eh, cranky" rainy day--where I've left the car windows down and done my hair, then Bush all the way.