the end

The end of 24 gets closer still.

Wonder what the dawn of 25 will bring.


Stephanie said...

How do you think this countdown is affecting you? Are you more nostalgic or thoughtful about this birthday than you have been about others?

Eden said...

for some reason i was having the feeling that i'd missed your b-day. whew. thanks for your wishes and props! how was maryland? let's talk b/f the end of this month.

My name is April. said...

wow is that the moon on the top left of that photo?

Luz said...

steph: i think i'm feeling more thoughtful than nostalgic. looking over this past year, it seems like everything is propelling me towards this upcoming year. kind of crazy!

eden: yes! we need to talk soon! i'm headed out east next weekend. maybe we can share some airport time again. :)

apes: yup! i didn't notice it until i uploaded it. isn't it cool?