25 at last!

I'm at Disneyland!

I had a huge blog post worked up, but instead, I went to Disneyland! I'd never been and some Twitterfolk spontaneously decided to go. All of Saturday was spent riding rides (Thunder Mountain was my very first roller coaster!), gaping and gasping at the lovely place. Many thanks to Brian, Byron, Sharon, Ben, Heather, and Rachel for being there on this special day!

25 is a birthday year, so there'll be some upcoming posts on thoughts, hopes, and dreams for this significant year.


Stephanie said...

Gorgeous photo of you and...snow! (Sort of.) So glad you went for it and had a great time!

My name is April. said...

I think it's funny that you're wearing a coat and scarf but the lady behind you is in a tank top. was it really cold?

Seera Syrupy said...

You look schmokin hot in this pic! Maybe the giddyness is making you glow or something?!

Kudos on the scarf sistah!

Rachel said...

And thank YOU for sharing it with us. :) Happy Birthday, Luz.

Luz said...

steph, even though it was sort-of-snow, it was still super fun.

apes, it was chilly on and off. but i wanted to pretend it was cold, so i kept my coat and scarf in.

seeera, thanks, babe! giddy disneyland glow for sure. :)

rach, you guys are fun to travel with. let's do it again, 'k?

kiersten said...

Happy Birthday Luz! Thanks for coming to Liberty Market to celebrate!!!

Missy L. said...

Happy belated birthday!! You look so lovely in your photo--and cheers for the best birthday present to self ever!

nic pfost said...

happy belated!!!!

my wife and i agree: that license plate is SUPER AWESOME.

looking forward to what 25 brings ya. i'm guessing it only gets better from here.

Luz said...

thanks kiersten, missy, and nic!