Seattle Life: Week 1

Olympic Mountains
The view of the Olympic mountains from right around the corner of the house. Can be seen only when the clouds are high. Quite a treat.

Things I've Learned:
- Sunshine is a valuable commodity here. Locals take it to a farcical level.

- Shopping at a small grocery store down the street is as glamorous as I imagined it. Carrying my goods back via public transit, however, is not.

- My acquisition of an iPhone becomes more imminent the more times I get lost on the bus.

- The current season is late spring, and 58° is not unusual here. [This messes with my desert mind in so many ways.]

- "What's Love Got To Do With It" is sung by Tina Turner, not Janet Jackson.

- Being at The City. This has been nothing short of a rad experience. There's some pretty amazing people here and it really is an honor to be able to work with them. I've been greatly encouraged by some great life-giving conversations about community, design, and bacon. There's much I can learn from these wise and knowledgeable folks.

- Finding out that a box of donuts were a means of grace. True story.

- Drinking lots and lots of Storyville Coffee. Delicious and beautifully designed.

- Design project research has been nothing short of a dream! It's involved lots of mid-century modern infographics, and playing with lots of Archer and Gotham.

- Currently reading Total Church and The Ode Less Traveled. Both are fantastic books and have gotten me very excited about living life more fully.

P.S. I've been sick for most of the week, which has hindered the projects I need to finish up for Hello Luz clients. Haven't had much energy to do anything but crash when I get home. Would appreciate your prayers for my health.



Jacob said...

Back when we lived in Seattle, my dad took a three-week vacation and it literally rained every single day. July in Seattle is far from typical PNW weather. Enjoy the rays while you can!

jana.kaye said...

I have an idea. When you come, bring some Storyville, and I'll treat you to my favorite small roastery, Katz Coffee...mmmm...

Emily said...

I miss you lots. I will pray you start feeling better

Missy L. said...

Jana, are you in Austin?

Hope you feel better hon!

Bead Up said...

Love the pictures in this post- especially the black and white/pink contrast!