Seattle Life: Week 2

Why I have directional issues

Things I've Learned:
- There's just too much in Seattle that I want/need to do. Working on a list for future trips back here.

- Must stop at two cups a day. Even if it's the delicious Storyville Coffee, French pressed to perfection. Two is enough.

- Norwegian Constitution Day is May 17. I celebrated it with my dear friends Dustin + Marie, which involved watching one of the world's largest syttende mai parades. There was an abundance of traditional Norwegian dress, but few viking helmets.

- Seattle has a *huge* Scandinavian population. This has resulted in Scandinavian talk radio and the Norse Home Retirement Community.

- There is also a large unicycle community here in Seattle. This is also an acceptable form of P.E. for elementary schools. True story.

- The City just gets better and better. Being able to be a part of its expansion is amazing. I'm so grateful for the people involved in this. I come home with a full head and heart resulting from these incredible people. Care for craft and care for the soul run hand in hand here.

- Learning about Don Cherry and his wardrobe.

- Meeting up with Toby and Rebekah during their stop in Seattle on their cruise.

- Discovering Peroshki Peroshki at Pike Place market. DE-LI-CIOUS.

- Gorgeous weekend weather. Upper 70's. Northwestern sunshine is unlike anything else!

- Arrested Development lunch at the office.

- Being asked for directions. Apparently, I look like a local.

- Zoka. Zoka. Zoka.

- Sunday's Scandinavian adventure with Dustin and Marie.

- Midnight pancakes with Emily.

- Late night pizza and coffee with Dan.

- Being able to participate in a community group here at Mars Hill. It's small and filled with lovely people. Very encouraging.


To see life here the last two weeks, take a peek at my Flickr.


Stephanie said...

Sounds fabulous! Thanks for the update!

Bethany said...

Don Cherry!