Feeling Alive

It is not uncommon for me to engage in the conflict between my tree-hugging-idealism and the manicured lawn suburbia that I currently live in. Switzerland spoiled me, filling every corner of the outdoors with mountains and living creatures. While nature should never be used to prove the existence of God, the brief moments of creation's beauty that force me to stop and marvel convince me that He is good. For a long time, I've been whimpering at the lack of green and natural life around here, wishing there were a city garden nearby, fearing the false sense of nature would eventually kill my soul. This weekend, I finally found the Riparian Institute just a few miles away from the house. I spent this evening wandering around the trails, shooting a few photos here and there. It felt so good to be surrounded by bird calls, the sound of dragonflies, and the wind blowing through the cottonwood trees. I stayed to watch the sunset, debating whether I should return for sunrise the next morning. The discovery of this reserve is a long-awaited respite. I am eager to come back.

Marsh grass

Great Blue Heron


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andrea said...

GREAT pictures, luz.