Good things come to those who wait...a very long time.

Due to some manufacturing problems, my Helvetica bundle from Veer had been prevented from making its way into my hands. I sat around for months, wondering what it would be like to drink tea from my Helvetica mug, anticipating all the pithy quotes from Helvetica lovers and haters, pining to see the mastery that is the Helvetica documentary. I'd tried to see this documentary several times, but conflicting schedules kept me from my one true typeface love.

...and then it finally arrived yesterday. The halls were filled with a rollicking rendition of the hallelujah chorus as I dashed around, clutching my new wares tightly.

Helvetica Happy

I'm drinking Big Fat Hen from Precious Will Tea. Yum.

I plan on watching it tonight, with plans on throwing a Helvetica party in the near future. Perhaps we will eat Helveticake...


Eden said...

oh Luz, I love to see you so excited.

Janelle Shank said...

I'm so glad your Veer stuff finally came!

Jacob said...


So why Helvetica?

stephanie said...

Because Luz loves Helvetica more than any person has ever loved a font.

And love changes you.

Congrats! I'm so happy for you! ;)

Alisa said...

Issue #2 is for you.


iamchanelle said...

there's a....documentary? oh man, what have i been missing all these years???
was it good?