Embarrassing Childhood Photos

Well, we made the cut in the photo challenge. We're gluttons for humiliation, I guess.


And no, it just looks like Paz is peeing on the carpet. I actually submitted a few that didn't make the cut, but we think they're pretty embarrassing nevertheless.

"How I Gave My Brother a Complex". Since I had no younger sisters to dress up, my brother did just fine. And while I was a mean big sister, I was kind enough to share my favorite dress with him. And my red tights, too.

This is photographic evidence that my brother really did drive me crazy as a child.

Paz was a clown at McDonald's at a young age. His name was Mikey McFun And I kid you not!–he was paid in hamburgers. He claims that he now understand why children are frightened of clowns (as the University of Sheffield would have it).


amy said...

disturbing... wow

Whitney said...

wait...are you both wearing women's hose in the first one? wow

nic pfost said...


they say that friendships work best when the relationships are balanced: you reveal things about yourselves in parallel to each other.

i'm pretty sure you just tipped over a lot of relationships....