my love came early

my love for apple began early

While looking for pictures for this challenge, Paz found this photo as proof that I come from a line of early adopters.

Circa 1993 maybe? We'd had this computer for awhile. oh the games we'd play... The Adventures of Indigo the Cat. Writing Workshop. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Oh the fun!

This computer was actually an upgrade from this computer, but I can't seem to find the picture of me as a baby, typing madly away...


Alisa Wilhelm said...

As long as I can remember, my dad had a computer in the house. He has never had a Mac though. Your family is all awesome and cool!

We had some industrial kind of Mac in my kindergarten class. It took real floppy disks. I played Oregon Trail and always lost. But then I played it online in a flash window a few months ago, and I won then.

Luz said...

we played oregon trail on the next mac we owned, the performa.

it was a trial version, though. hunting was my favorite.