What I'm Loving Right Now


  1. The harvest moons.
  2. Joe Pug's Nation of Heat album, particularly Hymn #101 and Hymn #35.
  3. Driving in the cool of the morning with the sun roof open.
  4. The last of the summer blossoms.
  5. My mermaid shoes.
  6. The typface Clarendon.
  7. The Reason For God by Tim Keller
  8. William Fitzsimmons' Goodnight album
  9. Zoƫ Keating.
  10. The anticipation of colder weather.
What are you loving these days?


Stephanie said...

I'm loving your moon photo! Those are soooo hard to take and that one is just amazing!

Great list! :)

Missy L. said...


iamchanelle said...

children's literature. and reading said children's literature aloud in funny accents and with crazy expressions to my kiddos.


scented candles. but not overpowering ones. refreshing scents like citrus cilantro. mmmm, smells so good in here right now!

oh, and my french press. i love it all over again every morning.

oh oh! and cupcakes. making cupcakes. and then eating them.

the end. for today.

Sara said...

also loving Zoe Keating right now -- thanks to your tweets on her. :)

nic pfost said...

clarendon? seriously now.

what a sellout.


nic pfost said...

also, have you seen this:


dana said...

Phone conversations with dear friends I haven't spoken to in years and I rather miss.

Tiffany said...

Lovely things... but I am curious, Miss Luz, what are you hating now? :)

Luz said...

very nice, chanelle!

sara, isn't she amazing?

nic, clarendon is a completely respectable typeface. and who doesn't love cheesy typography jokes. (did you catch the bit on The Office last night?)

dana, me, too. :)

well, since you asked, tiff... in the words of tyrone wells:
I hate traffic, I hate dirt in my eyes
I hate spiders, and I hate girlfriends that lie
I hate cancer, I hate cauliflower pie
I hate taxes, I hate stink bugs and flies
I hate rug burns, and I hate poke dot ties
I hate Mike Tyson, 'cause bite your ear then bust you in the eye
I hate pimples, I hate hemorrhoids and hives
I hate funerals, I hate unsalted fries