A View With A Room

Arizona landscape

This weekend, I'll be taking my mom up north for weekend getaway/birthday celebration. We've got quite the festivities planned. We'll be touring the Grand Canyon by train on the Sunset Limited, one of the most romantically described train rides I have ever read! We'll be staying at the FireLight Bed and Breakfast, which has gotten rave reviews. I saw it and knew I'd regret not booking the room for this special birthday. Reminds me of my stay in England. It's all going to be lovely.

I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with Mom. This'll be our first trip just the two of us. It's already unraveling as a very memorable trip. Can't wait to take pictures of everything. And oh! It's going to be deliciously cold! (And by cold, I mean 70 degrees...) I've already pulled out the sweaters I intend to wear whilst traipsing about the Grand Canyon. Also scouted out some audio books to listen to on the way up, including A Room With A View and Lynne Truss' Eats, Shoots, & Leaves, in addition to pouring through my This American Life podcasts (I mean, what's not a good road trip without a short David Sedaris narrative and Ira Glass monologue?).

It's been a few since my last trip to the Grand Canyon. For some silly reason, I keep thinking that it's going to look completely different than it did last time. I feel my capacity for beauty has been stretched since then. Perhaps it will be more majestic. Maybe it won't be so foreign. Both my mom and I have a very deep love for train travel, as we've done quite a bit, especially when I was younger. I find it's the easiest place to muse. There's a reason while there's a whole genre of "train songs". Must remember to bring some knitting and a sketch book to record the characters and memories encountered.


Stephanie said...

That sounds so nice! My advice with the Canyon is to hike a little ways in - even if it's just the smallest little walk - because the view changes. Oh yeah, and layer. Those sweaters are gonna get pretty hot when you're walking around in 70-degree weather! :)

P.S. Happy birthday to your mom!

mindy said...

I hope you and your Mom have a most wonderful time! Special times like that are a "must" when it comes to traditions. :-)

Missy L. said...

Sounds delish... Ah... I'm in a b&b right now, writing... I wish you an amazing breakfast. :-) Happy birthday Socorro! Safe travels....