I have an awesome brother


It's been a rough week. I've been really grateful for the many friends that have walked alongside me as I work through some stuff. Notably, my brother, Paz has really been there for me. I'm especially grateful to have him not just as a brother, but as my best friend, too.


This is a little late to post, but I wanted to share a poem he wrote me for my birthday:

Twenty-Five Years

Was it only yesterday
you held me after I arrived
home from the hospital

Was it only a year ago we
pretended to be cadets
from Star Trek*

Was it only an hour ago
we cried together at
beauty and tragedy

Was it only a second ago
we fought about an interview
but still say i love you
after every call

25 years today
God brought you
to our family

Love your bro,

* I feel the need to qualify this as a literary device. "Yesterday" is the equivalent of me being in the 6th grade, when I was madly in love with Wil Wheaton. Just so you know.


Coffee Snob said...


I just finished reviewing several weeks worth of your old posts. . . so here are comments (in no particular order):

~ Yes, your brother is awesome (but he needs to write more at ACWI's blog ;~)
~ Paz's new haircut looks OK
~ Congratulations on turning 25!
~ When are you moving to Peoria? We should get together now and then - our church is in Peoria (even tho' we live in N. Phx.)
~ When/where is the new church plant going to be?
~ Bummer that you just finished painting your room before your move to Peoria!


Luz said...

hey, keith!

- i'll let him know. :)
- whew! we did get it fixed, but it's getting long again.
- thanks!
- i'm not sure exactly where the plant will be—i think northish peoria. we'll be moving out there early summer/late spring. love to get together with you guys!
- it's nice to have a beautiful pre-launching pad. :)