Finally Winter

Bus Stop

"Bus Stop"
From my first "real" winter here.
Best viewed large, on black.

The weather has finally cooled off long enough for it to finally feel like winter. It's lovely during the day, low 70's, and chilly upper 40's at night. Enough to bust the sweaters out in the early morning. Cold weather is my favorite—I blame my inherited northwestern blood in my veins. The smell of heaters, fire pits, Christmas cookies being baked, nippy morning air, trying really hard to see your breath linger... The beginning of the season is always prime for sensory pleasure.


Jacob said...

I was just thinking the other day that a year ago, I was in 70s. Now, the thermometer on my desk says 22.1 (F).
Wintery Greetings from St. Louis, where we've already had our first snow!

Stephanie said...

An absolutely idyllic photo! Is it hard sometimes to believe you sat at places like that just waiting for a bus?