a brief exchange on brownies.

While hopping into the car to go to Kindergarten, Jack caught sight of the last of Chanelle's brownies of fudgey delicious awesomeness in the front seat. (Why there's still some left is beyond me. Usually inhale them within minutes of receiving them... Nevertheless, I'm taking them to our office girl's party tonight.) This is the exchange that followed.

Jack: I wish I could have a brownie... (sigh)
Me: Sorry, buddy, those brownies are for girls 20 and over.
Jack: (thinks a moment) I'm over 20. In fact, I'm 22.
Me: Oh really? You look really young for your age.
Jack: Yeah...
Me: Does this mean you're a girl, too?
Jack: (thinks very carefully about his answer. brownies or going against everything his parents have ever taught him. definitely a toss-up.) Um... Yes.
Me: Interesting! I didn't know Jack was a girl's name! Well in that case, 20 year-old girls like to listen to Pink Martini, so I think we'll listen to that on our drive this morning. ("Hang On, Little Tomato" begins to play)
Jack: (wondering what he's gotten himself into) Can we listen to Adventures in Odyssey instead?
Me: Nah, this is what 20 year-old girls listen to.
Jack: Miss Luz...I'm not really a 22 year-old girl. I just wanted brownies.


[Picture of said brownies of fudgey delicious awesomeness by Chanelle]


iamchanelle said...

the manliness card won out in the end.
i love jack. how does he come up with this stuff.


Seera Syrupy said...